IAB MENA Content Submission Guidelines & FAQs

Posted on: Tuesday 30 August 2022 | IAB MENA

Check your content meets with our guidelines and learn more about the IAB MENA Member Showcase submission process.

What type of content do we publish on the IAB MENA Member Showcase?

The IAB MENA will publish on its website in a specially created section called Member Showcase, selected relevant content from its members, including opinion pieces and research studies that celebrate creativity, innovation and shine a light on digital opportunities and trends for advertisers.

The following types of content are supported:

  • Content that provides future-facing views and proactive ideas;
  • Content that constructively explores industry challenges and opportunities;
  • Shareable content: lists, trends, debunking myths, “How to excel at X”;
  • Learning, training, explainer videos or articles;
  • Research


The following types of content are not supported:

  • Sales narratives, pitch decks or promotional materials;
  • Negative perspectives on industry players or people.

How do the submission, selection and publishing processes work?

Only members can submit content to the IAB MENA Member Showcase. The content has to comply with the acceptable types of content. Just go to the Member Content Submission Form and submit your content online. A member of the IAB MENA team will review the content and notify you if/when the content will be published.

How long does it take for content to be published?

A member of the IAB MENA team will review the content within 10 working days. You will be notified if your content is published on the IAB MENA website.

How long does your content stay up for?

The content will remain on the site for up to one year, providing the company still retains a valid membership. The content may be removed or the period extended automatically without prior notice from the IAB MENA.

Can the content be removed before the expiration of the one year publishing period?

You can request for the content to be removed at any time. Typically, the author who submitted the content to be published shall make the removal request at [email protected]. The content will be removed within 10 working days from the date of the removal request.

What happens if the content is jointly produced and only one of the authors is member?

This will be considered for publishing, providing at least one of the contributors retains a valid membership.

Can the content be branded?

Yes, the content can include the company’s and/or author’s names. Logos or other branding to identify its source or sponsor, but should not be deemed promotional.

Can you complain about content that is published?

Any comments and/or questions relating to published content can be made via [email protected].

How often can new content be published?

Content can be published as often as 12 times per year.

Can content that has already been published elsewhere be published on the IAB MENA Member Showcase?

Yes, providing this was not content that was shared exclusively with the publisher and you have the right to published elsewhere.

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