This form allows you to apply for a position on an IAB MENA task force. Before filling out and submitting the form below indicating which task force you are interested in joining, make sure that your expertise and qualifications comply with the Typical Member Profile requirements for the selected task force listed further below .

More details on the expectations, responsibilities and task forces can be found here.

Please note that participation is only reserved for the staff of a member company. There is no limit on the number of task forces a member company or individual takes part in, but only 2 individuals of any member company can be in the same task force. Selection and approval will be based on qualifications and expertise and on first come first served basis in case of equal qualifications and expertise.

Why join a task force?

Being a part of a task force will help you to expand your knowledge and network with other leaders in the field, and provide valuable education and guidance to the wider community. You can stay up to date on the latest best practices, and industry standards. Typically, the work of the task force is shared through events, webinars or whitepapers, so you have the opportunity to showcase your skills beyond the immediate working team. Being a part of a task force means you can influence the work we are doing to drive forward the future of our industry.

What's involved?

Task forces are focused on a specific area and thus vary in makeup and process, but typically will have fortnightly working group calls and monthly meetings or calls with a wider group. Each session is led by a combination of an IAB Board member and an elected subject matter expert from the task force who proactively involve members to get the very best from each meeting. The IAB Executive Director supports the team to keep them efficient and effective.

Saving a draft of this form to be finished, reviewed and/or submitted later is not supported. We recommend preparing the answers before starting to fill in the form.

Should you wish to make amendments after submission, complete and submit the form again. The last submission will be considered valid.

Task Force Application Form

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Task Force Selection

Please read each task force description below before making your selection. In order for your application to be considered, your profile must comply with the Typical Member Profile requirements for the selected task force. Make sure to provide clear and detailed answer to the last question.

Research & Measurement Committee

Measurement Task Force

Tackle challenges around measurement (and sometimes, lack thereof) in the market. Exploring opportunities to adapt and implement global best practices, taking into consideration market constraints. This taskforce will aim to provide a robust and pragmatic measurement framework that can be standardized and eventually recognized as most effective by all parties. The focus this year will be on two distinct measurement challenges: Attribution and Attention.
Typical Member Profile: Data Analytics Leads, Ad Tech Leads, Research & Insights Leads, Digital/eCom/Performance Media Leads, Planning Leads

Insights Task Force

Obtain and share insights about the digital ad market in MENA, and deepen understanding of the industry for IAB members and the local ecosystem.
Typical Member Profile: Planners, Sales, Research, Insights, Analysts

People Development Committee

Learning & Development Task Force

Focused on bridging the gap between inhouse programmes, supplier programmes, institutions and the needs of the market, this team is looking to create credible learning opportunities and practical certifications.  Two initiatives they are working on include an industry hands-on workshop and a video series highlighting the different roles in the industry.
Typical Member Profile: Talent Leads, L&D Leads, Training Leads, Marketing & Events Co-ordinators

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Task Force

Helping the industry and our members understand the value of diversity and inclusion better, implement programmes more effectively and maximise the talent pool through attracting and retaining diverse talent.
Typical Member Profile: Talent Leads, Diversity Leads

Ecosystem & Channel Development Committee

Adtech Task Force

Focus on driving knowledge of the Adtech ecosystem, helping to deliver a more robust local marketplace by supporting the development and growth of the ecosystem while maintaining standards and global best practices.
Typical Member Profile: Planners, Adtech Specialists, Programmatic Specialists, Data Scientists, Measurement Leads

Mixed Reality /AR, VR, Gaming/ Task Force

As the level of computing power continues to rapidly advance, MENA consumers now engage with a variety of immersive, digital experiences through their mobile devices and hardware, on a daily basis. To support the growth of a diversified digital ecosystem, we will be looking at the area of mixed reality (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Gaming). With the aim of demystify and simplify this area. Providing practical insights into tangible and current opportunities in this space.
Typical Member Profile: Product Leads, Digital Strategists, Brand Owners, Platform Owners /AR, Gaming, VR/, Digital Creative Production, AR Production, Measurement Leads

Connected TV /CTV/ Task Force

Focused on the channel development of CTV in the MENA region, to define its place among traditional TV advertising, programmatic video, OTT, and connected TV. The taskforce will connect the key stakeholders across MNO's, OEM's, broadcasters, ad-tech and agencies through research and hosting an inaugural webinar / virtual event.
Typical Member Profile: Planners, Traders, Creators, Adtech Providers, CTV Platform Leads, Measurement Leads

DOOH Task Force

Aimed at understanding the current state of DOOH and programmatic DOOH thus creating the opportunity of transformation for out of home. The taskforce will focus on the ecosystem of DOOH from supply, planning, activation and measurement. The taskforce will engage with the relevant stakeholders across UAE and KSA to produce a whitepaper tackling the present and the future of DOOH.
Typical Member Profile: Planners, Traders, DOOH Suppliers, Adtech Providers, Measurement Leads

Retail Media Task Force

Retail media and eCommerce are a fast growing and significant opportunity in MENA. The Taskforce aims to provide a view on the current and potential landscape, benefits of retail media to retail brands and advertisers, use cases and best practices.
Typical Member Profile: Retail Brand Representatives, eCommerce Players, Agency Planners, Measurement Leads


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