IAB MENA releases video series to showcase entry level roles in Digital Advertising

Posted on: Thursday 9 February 2023 | IAB MENA

For many that are new to the digital marketing industry or trying to break into the industry, the plethora of roles, titles and positions can seem daunting and confusing. Members of the IAB have joined together to demystify the roles and their descriptions through a video series, entitled MENAVOICES, A Day In The Life… We get to meet young talent from different parts of the industry and better understand what they do on a daily basis. They share some of the best parts of their jobs alongside some of the challenges and frustrations with an abundance of tips for success. 

A must watch for anyone looking to know more about entering the world of Digital media and marketing in MENA.

Farah Basmaji, Senior Exec at Omnicom Media talks to Twitter’s Samantha Billingham about changes in consumer behaviour that have led to an explosion of eCommerce opportunities and the resulting need to understand data in her daily role.
Imane Nafar, Ad-operations Trainee at Seedtag shares her experience of interacting with other teams, and the challenges of transitioning from university to a hands-on role where you must implement practical knowledge.
Jana Amache, Senior Performance | eCommerce Specialist at Havas Middle East shares how her role is to drive sales and revenues through optimizing the performance of campaigns. She also shares how collaborating with colleagues and partners is a highlight of her day.
Isa Qanati, Integrated Executive at Mindshare KSA shares how he was able to learn complex and sophisticated ad-tech through working with colleagues, practice and a dose of trial and error. His top tip for success? Stay curious!
Lucy Stephenson, Client Account manager at Twitter Arabia shares how she manages and optimizes client campaigns for best results. Best part of her job? The diversity of activities, from managing events to meeting with clients.

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