Launching Data Collection as part of the Digital Ad-Market Sizing Study

Posted on: Sunday 10 November 2019 | IAB GCC

The IAB GCC recently partnered with MTM, a leading strategy consultancy specializing in media and advertising, to accurately size the digital advertising market in the region. The initiative builds on established and robust modelling techniques used previously in a similar exercise for the IAB in Europe.

As part of this research, MTM are seeking a broad range of advertising data from H1 2019 and prior, to feed into their market modelling process. Your organizationā€™s contribution will be crucial for MTM and the IAB GCC to build an accurate outlook of the market, which will benefit the whole region by providing a robust, independent standard for digital advertising research in the GCC.

The IAB GCC have identified you as the key individual to collate the data on behalf of your organisation. If you feel there is someone better placed within your organisation to provide the data, please send us their details atĀ [email protected]Ā and forward this email to them with the addresses above in copy.

Given its sensitivity, the security and anonymity of the data is of the utmost importance to the IAB and MTM. To allow organizations to submit company data completely anonymously, MTM would like participants to upload their data to thisĀ submission portal.

Please note: names, addresses, companies and IP addresses of participants will not be collected, and participants will not be able to view other participantsā€™ submissions. The portal is completely secure, and MTM will store all data on secure servers and not on the public cloud.

For clarifications surrounding the data submission form, or any other part of the process, MTM have set up an email address,Ā [email protected]Ā for any queries relating to the study. Please donā€™t hesitate to contact them with any questions.

Send your submissions ASAP, though the task of pulling this data together may be considerable. OurĀ deadline for submitting data is 12thĀ December 2019, to allow MTM to collate and perform the modelling according to schedule. The more data is collected by this deadline, the more accurate and richer the outputs will be for the digital advertising market in the Middle East.

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