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Posted on: Wednesday 24 November 2021 | IAB MENA
Updated on: Wednesday 7 December 2022 | IAB MENA

Nurturing our community is a key part of the IAB’s vision to be the catalyst for growing the MENA digital advertising economy.  As part of this aim, we are committed to building an inclusive organization that values diversity.

Our objective is to positively influence corporate leaders & policymakers to value diversity & inclusion and to do this we need to ensure our approach as an organization sets the right tone. There are many different aspects to diversity and inclusion, all important and all valuable.  It’s all too easy to get delayed by debate and discussion with the scale of the challenge, too big to tackle all at once.  We have decided to start somewhere.  Gender diversity and more specifically gender representation.

To this end, we have set out a series of 5 principles and guidelines on gender representation for the workings of the IAB MENA.  This is only a small step in the journey, but we are committed to making a start and encourage our members and industry partners to do the same.

  • Representative Decision Making

    The Board should comprise a minimum of 30% female representation, aiming to increase to 50% within 2 years.

  • Visible Influence

    All Board communications, such as PR releases should include a minimum of 30% female member quotes where there are more than two.

  • Funding

    A minimum of 5% of annual expenditure should be allocated to Diversity initiatives.

  • Women at Work

    All IAB GCC subcommittees should actively aim to have a minimum of 30% female representation.

  • See It To Be It

    All marketing materials, videos, podcast etc should include a minimum of 30% female representation over any 6 month period.

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