Launched at an event on 5th October, 2023, the "How to get started with CTV in MENA" whitepaper was accompanied by a keynote address by Springserve and panel discussion comprising members of the CTV task force who led the development of the whitepaper.

Posted on: Wednesday 04 October 2023 | IAB MENA Ecosystem & Channel Development

Connected TV (CTV) has transformed the television consumption habits of audiences, bringing about a significant impact on the media landscape. This whitepaper, created collaboratively by the task force of 10 member companies aims to lay a solid foundation of knowledge for advertisers to embark on their Connected TV advertising journey, by shedding light on crucial aspects such as audience engagement, targeting strategies, measurement techniques, ad specifications, CPM benchmarking (globally and in MENA) and basic steps for success.

The whitepaper is only available to members of the IAB MENA. The keynote and panel discussion, that will be published in the coming days can be downloaded by members and non-members for free below.

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