The first MENA-focused view of the significantly engaged buy and sell-side Adtech solutions in MENA

Posted on: Tuesday 14 May 2024 | IAB MENA Ecosystem & Channel Development

Effective Adtech is a crucial part of the digital advertising ecosystem yet establishing exactly which technology and suppliers are active and engaged within the MENA market is sometimes difficult to establish.

To this end, the Adtech Task Force, comprising 25 people from 21 companies have been collaborating over the past few months to further our understanding of the active Adtech market in MENA.

For now, we are releasing a partial view of the market, focusing only on the buy and sell-side Adtech solutions which we believe are ‘significantly engaged’ within the MENA market. This doesn’t include all solutions, only those we believe have offices, on-ground teams or regularly engage with multiple parts of the market, outside of supporting local clients. It also excludes, for now, data specialists, such as ID solutions.

For an interactive version of the ECOscape, download the pdf below.

Collectively, we believe this to be the most accurate picture today, but the market develops rapidly so there are likely to be regular updates.

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IAB MENA Ecosystem & Channel Development Committee

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