IAB MENA releases the next video series, this time to showcase roles in Data Analytics

Posted on: Wednesday 19 July 2023 | IAB MENA

IAB MENA releases new episodes of video series to showcase different Digital Advertising roles.

After the successful release of the first 5 episodes of MENAVOICES – A Day In The Life… IAB MENA members have recorded the next series of 10 episodes covering even more roles. These will be released weekly over the next month and will cover:

  • Data Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Performance Marketing
  • Client Management


For many that are new to the digital marketing industry or trying to break into the industry, the plethora of roles, titles and positions can seem daunting and confusing. Members of the IAB have joined together to demystify the roles and their descriptions through a video series, entitled MENAVOICES – A Day In The Life… We get to meet young talent from different parts of the industry and better understand what they do on a daily basis.  They share some of the best parts of their jobs alongside some of the challenges and frustrations with an abundance of tips for success.

A must watch for anyone looking to know more about entering the world of Digital Media and Marketing in MENA.

In this release, we focus on Data Analytics.

Data Analytics Manager - Rishad Alavi
Much of the role is about reviewing and interpreting data from various sources and data sets. Working with marketing teams, Rishad shares how he can leverage his data analytics skills to interpret and visualise data to help the teams achieve their objectives, often having to rework teh data to allow for easier interpretation.
Data Analyst - Karen Bassil
Karen recommends those interested in becoming a data analyst develop a portfolio of data analyses that can showcase their existing skills, such as case studies or dashboard creation to demonstrate their ability with different data challenges, alongside tutorials or online course on data visualisation tools.

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