IAB Europe releases the full 2022 AdEx Benchmark Report

Posted on: Friday 14 July 2023 | IAB MENA

A useful context when reviewing the MENA Digital Adspend report, the IAB Europe AdEx 2022 report is the definitive guide to advertising expenditure in Europe covering 29 markets. It details the formats and channels that contributed to digital advertising’s annual growth of 9.8 % in 2022, culminating in a total market value of €86bn ($96.6bn), compared to 21% in MENA and a total value of €4.9bn ($5,5bn).

Like in MENA, the latest report, which looks at investment in 2022, showcases the European digital advertising markets’ growth, despite unprecedented macroeconomic and geopolitical challenges. Growth that can be attributed to the infusion of creative brand advertising and the exploration of new channels, including Retail Media, Audio, and Video.

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