IAB MENA releases the next video series, this time to showcase roles in Performance Marketing

Posted on: Wednesday 26 July 2023 | IAB MENA

As part of the second series of MENAVOICES – A Day In The Life… IAB MENA members have recorded the next series covering even more roles. In this release of 4 episodes we hear from people in various roles within Performance Marketing, including Violetta, a Programmatic Specialist, Ahmad a Performance Marketing Executive, Tania who specialises in Search Engine Optimisation and Moneer who delivers Paid Search campaigns for his clients.

MENAVOICES – A Day In The Life… is a series of videos recorded by IAB MENA members to demystify their roles. We get to meet young talent from different parts of the industry and better understand what they do on a daily basis. They share some of the best parts of their jobs alongside some of the challenges and frustrations with an abundance of tips for success.

A must watch for anyone looking to know more about entering the world of Digital Media and Marketing in MENA.

Programmatic Marketing - Violetta Tohme
In this Episode, amongst other things, Violetta shares with us the significant changes she has seen in the past few years, within the programmatic ad market, including, targeting, machine learning new channels, eg: CTV and Augmented reality.
Performance Marketing Executive - Ahmad Shaheen
Ahmad analyses data to plan, buy and optimise campaigns, so working with numbers is a big part of his role. Critical thinking and a solid understanding of basic MS tools, such as Excel are therefore a key requirement of success.
Search Engine Optimisation Specialist (SEO) - Tania Irani
First to mind, first to find. This is the mantra Tania uses to build her strategies for Search Engine Marketing (SEO). Learn how a role in SEO requires ongoing learning about new technologies and the need to stay up to date with the search engine algorithm.
Search Engine Marketing Specialist (PPC) - Moneer Al Ahmadieh
Focused on eCommerce, Moneer Al Ahmadieh shares the need for keeping up to date with the latest trends, surrounding yourself with expert in the field and being adaptable to change as key drivers of success.

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