The Attention Council CEO as well as a panel of local experts reflect on both the value of Attention planning and measurement, alongside the associated challenges.

Posted on: Wednesday 17 May 2023 | IAB MENA Research and Measurement Committee

In this presentation deck, Andy Brown the CEO of the Attention Council shares his perspective on the value of Attention as a metric as well as why and how it should be measured.

Included are some recent case studies and a collated link to over 50 different case studies from multiple markets, a range of vendors and various methodologies, each highlighting the role that Attention plays in marketing effectiveness.

The full presentation is available for download below and you can also watch the webinar hereunder or on our YouTube Channel.

The webinar aims to highlight the opportunities and challenges with measuring and using attention in advertising, to share the latest thinking global thinking and to discuss the local perspective with some view on where the debate may be heading.
IAB MENA & Attention Council Presentation

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IAB MENA Research & Measurement Committee

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