The IAB MENA Measurement Task Force collaborated to establish consistent definitions for Attribution and is now releasing the results in two distinct documents: 'Defining Attribution' and 'Measurement Glossary'.

Posted on: Friday 8 September 2023 | IAB MENA Research & Measurement

Despite the crucial role of effective attribution in gaining an understanding of what works, and by how much, there is often some confusion as to what it is exactly, how and when it should be used and the role that it can play. The IAB MENA Measurement Task Force has diligently collaborated to create alignment in the definitions of Attribution, encompassing single touch, multi-touch, or simply regression analysis. This effort aims to promote a unified understanding of measurement techniques to benefit the collective knowledge of the region.

We are pleased to provide you with access to the IAB MENA Attribution Definitions and a comprehensive Measurement Glossary. These resources offer consensus-based definitions covering a wide range of measurement concepts.

Please feel free to download and utilize these references to enhance your understanding of attribution and measurement techniques.

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IAB MENA Research & Measurement Committee

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