The results of our Data Privacy survey on the MENA region's readiness for deprecation of third-party cookies and new data privacy laws and regulations.

Posted on: Friday 2 February 2024 | IAB MENA Research & Measurement

While half the respondents were aware of new data privacy regulation, as many as 65% did not feel they were prepared for this new reality, giving some indication of the scale of the challenges that lie ahead.

For more insights, download the full report below and watch out for more resources to help you prepare for this new reality throughout the year.  In the meantime,  please feel free to explore resources on Privacy from IAB US and Europe, which are likely to influence global perspectives on the topic, alongside Google’s published Chrome 3rd Party cookie timeline:

  • IAB Europe Privacy Section here
  • IAB United States Privacy Section here
  • IAB Multi-State Privacy Agreement (MSPA) here
  • Chrome 3rd party cookies timeline here

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