In this paper, developed by members of the Measurement Taskforce, we aim to demystify the methodologies and highlight the suppliers that are operating in MENA today.

Posted on: Wednesday 24 January 2024 | IAB MENA Research & Measurement

Attention! We know it’s important for effective advertising, but how is it measured, how can you plan for it and what impact does it have? There are in fact, many different methodologies for measuring ad attention, ranging from lab-based eye-tracking, to scaled technology solutions using tags and view durations. Each methodology has its pros and cons and each can be used to contribute to a more holistic measurement framework to drive business results.

This paper, crafted by the IAB MENA Measurement Task Force, is the results of collaborative efforts of as many as 36 people from 23 different companies. The task force focus is on tackling the challenges around measurement in the market. Exploring opportunities to adapt and implement global best practices, taking into consideration market constraints. The focus this year will be on Measurement in a data-private environment.

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