The IAB conducted a short survey of our members to gather insights into the state of the MENA Digital advertising market in Q4.

Posted on: Wednesday 19 October 2022 | IAB GCC

The aim of the study was to gain a perspective on how media decisions are being affected by the convergence of global economic and social upheaval combined with the potential impact of the region hosting the Fifa World Cup. Some highlights include:

  • 35% are expecting to see YoY growth in excess of 15%, while 46% expect between 5 and 15%;
  • Video is expected to be the winner, with 42% of respondents expecting growth in excess of 15%;
  • While respondents didn’t agree on the scale of positive or negative impacts of economic factors such as Energy prices or the strong dollar, they were united in their concerns for Job uncertainty and Inflation;
  • 27% of senior decision-makers polled expected hiring freezes in early 2023 in comparison to 24% who expected hiring to continue.

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